Cumbia is a genre of dance that traces its origins back to Colombia during the later years of Spanish colonization. It began as little more than a courtship dance between slaves brought from Africa, with only crude drums and claves to set the rhythm. As it grew in popularity over the decades and centuries, it spread to neighboring native Colombians and Spanish settlers, who allowed their own cultural practices to permeate the existing style. What eventually emerged was the Cumbia of the modern era, a spectacular blend of African, Spanish, and Colombian musical influences and styles.

The genre is a partner dance and requires a close-knit and willing group of participants in order to teach it properly. Here, we have an exceptionally friendly group with dancers of all skill levels. Our dancers are here with the same hopes and goals for developing their craft, and they treat each other with the respect and understanding every dancer deserves. Regardless of skill level, Cumbia is a type of dance that can be learned and practiced by anyone. We welcome those with little to no dance experience and will provide each and every dancer with the individualized attention he or she requires. Our training is comprehensive and paced; we provide step by step instruction that makes it easy to follow along with the instructors and execute the necessary movements. Luis and Lori are well versed in the dance form and technique and relay their knowledge and ability to beginners and experts alike with practiced ease.

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