Everyone wants to master Salsa dancing – or any dance for that matter – in just a few lessons. If it was that easy, everyone would learn how to dance. So that raises the question: “What does it really take to learn to dance Salsa?

Although everyone is different, there are some factors that help you learn quicker:

  1. Listening to the music. If you grew up listening to Salsa music it can be a plus. You already know what the rhythm sounds like so it’s easier to hear when a phrase in the music starts and end. This is crucial to dancing on beat.
  2. Previous dance experience. Many dances share some of the techniques used for Salsa dancing. For example, ballet dancers already know how to spin and dance on the ball of their feet. Other partner dances like ballroom, country two-step and swing – to name a few – also use dance techniques that carry over to Salsa.
  3. Good motor skills. If you played a sport that required physical agility on your feet, such as soccer, football, ping pong etc., then really gives you a head start.

If none of the above factors apply to you, there is still hope. Actually, you might even have an edge over those who meet all the prerequisites because they assume they will pick it up quickly.  And when they don’t, their unrealistic expectations become the cornerstone of frustration and often times they quit.

What it really takes is persistence and consistency. But that’s not hard when you add a little sense of humor and patience.

Do you have advise for newbies?

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