Joe Wieder wrote a great piece about dance floor etiquette and we agree with him 100%. We seldom touch on this very important topic.

Dancing is supposed to be fun… right? So below is a list of things to do and not to do to make the best of your dance night out:


  • If you are seen dancing, gentlemen will be more likely to ask you to dance
  • Smile and make eye contact! You’re body language should say: I am ready to dance
  • It’s OK to ask a gentleman (without a date) to dance. Some men are too shy to ask you to dance
  • Don’t engage in conversation with a group of women. This communicates that you don’t want to dance


  • Find a lady who looks eager to dance (dancing while sitting, singing, tapping her foot, etc.)
  • Dance to your partners’ level. If she is a better dancer than you, stick with what you know well
  • Don’t teach your moves on the dance floor. If she can’t follow your lead that’s YOUR fault, not hers
  • If a lady is with company, ask the company if it’s OK to dance with her first
  • If you sweat profusely, wear an undershirt and bring extras

For both leaders and followers:

  • Make eye contact with your dance partner while dancing
  • Dance with as many people as possible. Don’t hog one person all night
  • Look good and smell good – you would think this is obvious but I have to list it
  • Make sure your breath is fresh – there is nothing worst than dancing with someone with tuna breath for 4 eternal minutes
  • If you are on a date, decide beforehand whether you’ll be dancing exclusively with each other (or not)
  • Don’t start a conversation in the middle of the dance floor
  • If you spill your drink on the dance floor, clean it up or get someone to cleaned it
  • If you accidentally step or bump into someone, turn around and apologies!

Let us know if we missed anything below…

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