I confess… I can’t read people’s mind. However, if you ask a friend how they would describe Salsa dancing, the responses can be quiet varied.

If your friend has absolutely no personal experience dancing Salsa, you might get an answer that include words like “sexy”, “hot”, “seductive”, etc. Their impression is likely based on what they’ve seen in movies or comments heard on TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.

On the other hand, if you ask a person who grew up with Salsa music, their family danced during family celebrations like birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. then that person might describe Salsa dancing more as “fun”, “cool” or even “energetic”. Sometimes you’ll even hear something like “it’s in my blood”.

For many of our student friends, Salsa dancing means so much more than the dance or the music itself. It’s the camaraderie and friendships made, the confidence building, the personal challenge conquered, the meeting new people and the occasional finding love.

Surely, perspectives can change when you become part of the Salsa community.

How would you describe Salsa Dancing?

See you on the dance floor!

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