So we just got back from Nashville and, of course, during our visit we stopped by a couple of places that offered Salsa dancing. To our surprise, we found that the Salsa scene is busy. There seemed to be something going on every day. We decided to check out a local group named Diablos que Bailan (devils that dance), quite odd for a dance club name. Isn’t it? Anyway, they get together at a Puerto Rican restaurant near downtown Nashville called Salsa Restaurant… how creative. The group had just gotten started with the Salsa lesson when we arrived so we decided to order dinner while we checked out the class. They had a huge crowd of 4 people, including the instructors, which by the end of the class grew to 13-14 dancers. After the lesson they played two songs to practice the routine. By this time we were finishing up with dinner. To our surprise, the started a Casino Rueda circle. So Lori suggested we join them and we did. We learned a new step on the spot called Kentucky which resembled Cuarenta y cinco. It was fun.

I forgot to mention, when we arrived to Nashville the gal at the car rental place turned out to be a Salsa dancer and let us know about a place for Friday-Saturday night dancing called Ibiza Nightclub. Wow, we were in luck. Lori was a bit tired Friday night so we decided to try Saturday night instead. This place was a bit South of town, about half an hour away. As we were parking we noticed several people walking towards the club, all hispanics and one black man. Hmm. I got padded down by a security guard, and I mean “really” padded down. I paid my $10 to get in. Lori did not have to pay a cover since it was before 11 pm. Cool. We could hear the Merengue music playing from outside. We could also see the multi-color lights. They also had a smoker. Both of these thing are bad signs to me because dancers don’t really like them. Right?

We get in and see a sea of guys with their hands in their pockets hanging around and some ladies of course. Only three couples were dancing. They played some Bachata music after and a few other couples took the dance floor. After about 10 minutes a Salsa song was played. The floor cleared out. Unbelieveable!

What? No Salsa dancers? We forgot to take our dance shoes so I was wearing sneakers and Lori was wearing a pair of new boots she bought that day.  I looked over at her and said “Let’s do it”. “But I’m wearing boots” she says. “Who cares, we’re in Nashville” I responded. So we took the dance floor all to ourselves and did our “thing”. It turnes out you can really dance in boots! That was the highlight of our Salsa dancing at Ibiza Nightclub. They started playing some reggaeton and we decided to leave.

The night was not over yet however, because the Diablos que Bailan group also had a dance social scheduled so we drove another 15 minutes and found the dance studio which was hidden in a huge industrial area. We were the only ones on the road but it wasn’t spooky like in the movies. In any event, we arrived to the Barefeet Studio after 11pm, paid our $20 to get in and walked through a long and narrow hall to where the dancing was happening. Here they had less people but almost all of them were dancing. Yay! We took the dance floor until we’ve had enough. They played Bachata, Salsa and Cha-cha while we were there. I picked up a few songs on my Soundhound app which we’ll play at our dance party.

I was surprised to discover that our Salsa Dancing in the Desert group is so much bigger than Nashville’s, considering that our area is at least one third the size. We often get compliments from out-of-towners from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Houston, etc. about how friendly and large our group is. Now we understand what they are talking about.

You guys are the BEST!

By the way, we had a great time in Nashville, a city full of history and Country music.

See you on the dance floor!

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