If you’ve ever attended any of our Salsa dance lessons, you may recall us saying that if you “master the core basics you are on your way to becoming a proficient dancer”.

When you’re get started, the very first thing we teach you are the mechanics of the 4-core basic steps of Salsa. Right? As you become a bit more comfortable with the basics – through repetition – you start to get a sense of the proper timing. We’ll discuss timing another day.

Once you repeat the core basics a few hundred times you inevitably build muscle memory. At this point, you can basically execute the steps without thinking about which foot goes in what direction. Same with the hands. But don’t get ahead of yourself, you are FAR from mastering anything yet.

On the contrary, what muscle memory allows you to do is to concentrate on fine-tuning your core basic steps. Now you can improve your posture, foot placement, hip and shoulder movement, etc. Take every opportunity to dance. And yes, we mean go out dancing. Video record yourself to see, with your own eyes, what YOU think needs improvement. Do this periodically.

Mastering the core basics takes time and a lot of dancing. Gentlemen, you’ll know you’re there when you can take a complete beginner to the dance floor and make her feel she already can dance (thanks to you). Ladies, good male dancers tend to dance to their partners level, so when a good dancer starts leading you into steps you’re not familiar with, it means your core basics are really good.

Let us know what you think below.

See you on the dance floor.


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