It’s amazing how much fun one can have dancing to music you know nothing about. So was the case for Lori and me at our Bulgarian friends New Year’s Party. Before I get to that, let me tell you what happened before our “folk dancing” experience.

When we arrived to the hotel, we were directed to the appropriate ballroom where the party was just about to get started. Actually, dinner was about to get started. Although the food was good, it turned out it was not a Bulgarian feast. Oh well.

Shorty after dinner, the MC for the night, a lady who came to our class once, introduced our friends Albena and Jesus for a Salsa dance performance. They danced to Oscar de Leon’s song Llorarás. Considering Albena had just drank at least two martinis and looked scared out of her mind, they did an outstanding job Salsa dancing. But that wasn’t all, the next performance was by our other Bulgarian friend Dilyana who danced a Bachata, also with Jesus. Suffice is to say that both Jesus and Dilyana looked very comfortable dancing and seemed to be having a good ‘ol time.

After a bit of trivia and prize giveaways, DJ Tommy TRemix (or Nick) proceeded to play music. American music, the kind you would hear at a club. So anyway, we all get up and… dance. Right? Lori and I don’t dance this kind of music so we do exactly what we ask our students to do at our Salsa parties… FAKE IT! I literally have two steps I repeat over and over and over and over again. Have you ever seen the movie “Hitch” where Will Smith teaches Kevin James a simple dance step so that he doesn’t embarrass himself on the dance floor? That’s the one I do.

So anyway, after a while the MC comes back and announces a special guest. I really don’t remember her name but when she addressed the public she spoke in Bulgarian. Of course we didn’t understand a word she said. She turned out to be a folk singer and proceeded to sing. A minute later a few ladies got up and held hand in a line and started to dance a line dance of sort. Then another person went up and another and another. Before you knew it, about 50 people, including “us”, where dancing hand in hand, one after the other, in a snake pattern on and off the dance floor. Eventually it went all around the room. It was fun!

The moral of the story is that dancing is about having fun! If you mess up, smile and keep on dancing. In the end you won’t even remember how many times you messed up, just how much fun you ended up having.


See you on the dance floor!

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