Lori and I both learned to dance Salsa as adults. You know what they say… it’s never too late, right? Well, we agree. Like most people, we’ve all been exposed to all kind of dancing in our lives. In movies, on TV shows and social events like proms, weddings and parties. Deep inside, we’ve all wanted to be the one’s who could bust the moves. You know what I’m talking about. In any event, the past is the past. Let’s focus on the NOW. Salsa dancing – and other partner dances – can bring a lifetime of enjoyment to our lives.

Here are just a few reasons you should learn to dance Salsa TODAY:

1. It’ll Boosts Your Confidence

Dancing is a skill. If you pay careful attention and attend consistently, learning the basics of Salsa will only take you a few lessons regardless of how bad a dancer you think you are. As with any learned skill, you will get better with practice and your confidence will also build up. This newly found confidence will spill over onto other areas of your life.

Jose and Nichole Salsa dancing

2. Make new friends

Dancing is the REAL social network. A dance class sets the stage for social interaction. Typically, you are instructed to dance with most if not all other students in attendance on a rotating basis. This makes is easy to meet people and inevitably, you’ll become friends with many of them.

3. Impress old friends

Most of us don’t “look” like dancers so when we finally show a side of ourselves our friends didn’t know about… Suffice is to say, they will see you in a different light. Not only will you impress friends who don’t dance, but also those who are dancers.

4. Gives you a fun excuse to exercise

Who doesn’t want to burn a few calories and have fun while doing it. Sure going to the gym might be fun to some, but dancing is fun for ALL.

Salsa Dancing in Palm Desert

5. Exercise your brain

According to the  the New England Journal of Medicine studies have shown that dancing increases cognitive acuity in individuals of all ages. In other words, it boosts your memory.

6. Makes a great date

Ladies like it when a guy takes them dancing on a date, even if they can’t dance. Ask any lady and you’ll see. Ladies… feel free to suggest dancing as a date. If he really likes you, he will comply even if he can’t dance.

7. Looks good on a resume

All resumes have a section where you list your hobbies. Smart employers want to know what you’re interest in so that they can get a feel for how active or socially connected you might be.

Jesus and Marina Salsa dancing

8. Relieves stress

It’s difficult to think about all your worries when you’re dancing to contagious music and working up a sweat. Try it! Also see study mentioned above.

9. It’s outright fun

When you’re out on the dance floor you get to challenge your own skills whether leading or following. The thing is… it doesn’t matter if you “nail it” or “fake it”, it’s always fun just “doing it”.

10. It’s cheap to learn

In big cities you’ll often find nightclubs where you can take lessons for free as well as, dance studios or club that offer lessons for a nominal fee. Why not start TODAY by joining Salsa Dancing in the Desert?

Getting to the first dance class is hard since you don’t know what to expect. It’s normal to have some level of anxiety over it. Hopefully, we’ve listed good reasons to overcome your unjustified apprehension or trepidation to not start dancing.

Please feel free to add your reason to start dancing today or questions below.

See you on the dance floor!

Luis N Lori

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